Windows File Recovery

Sometimes MFT errors in your Windows XP can stop your computer to start. The boot information which is stored on the hard drive can not be read by the Master Boot Record and Boot Loader due to these errors. Therefore you can not be able access your files stored on your hard drive. You might lose your important data files in this situation and it can lead to file recovery. There can be an overwritten message from the Windows when you start your Windows XP computer. The message describes that the MFT is unreadable and corrupt and you have to run the CHKDSK utility. You can have the message when you run the CHKDSK without ant option in the read-only-mode and it says that free space is discovered by the CHKDSK as allocated in master file table.

In case of MFT bitmap free space is allocated in volume bitmap and you can also have the message that Windows has found problems with file system. You have to run CHKDSK with /f option in order to correct these problems. /f will be to fix the problems but it will not fix anything. You will have to face the problem every time you start your computer. You can be able to fix the errors on the partition with CHKDSK /f? You must remember that the partition should be locked when you run CHKDSK. It will examine the partition next time when you restart your computer if the partition is not locked by CHKDSK.

You must be able to find the cause of the problem in this situation in order to gain access on your important files. You will have to perform file recovery in order to fix this problem. The main cause of such problems is due to MFT corruption as you have found in the error message. The NTS partition has placed the record of every file in special file which is known as MFT or Master File Table. You can not be able to access the file when this MFT is damaged and you will find such behavior of the Windows XP.

The data recovery software is very easy to use and there will be no requirement of technical skills. You can have safe and original recovery of your important files with the help of data recovery software due to its read only and non destructive nature. You can be able to recover all types of files from your Windows hard disk with the help of data recovery tools.

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In computer programming file recovery is a new technological advancement, which focuses a complication as old as computers themselves, what to when a critical file is accidentally...Read more about the best file recovery software